EviEM cares about the environment

At EviEM, we care about the environment. We follow an environmental policy drawn up by Mistra, which means, for example, that wherever possible our business travel is by rail rather than by air. Our Secretariat staff have also chosen to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work. In addition, we make regular donations to Vi Agroforestry’s efforts to combat poverty in East Africa through tree planting.

Photo: Claes Bernes

Read more about Vi Agroforestry on the organisation’s website.EviEM is a Friend of Vi Agroforestry (Vi-skogen), a development cooperation organisation that has existed for 30 years. Vi Agroforestry works with poor, small-scale farmers in the Lake Victoria basin. Advice on and training in agroforestry, which involves planting trees and crops together, enable farmers to increase their harvests and their incomes. The organisation is seeking to establish a green belt around Lake Victoria, in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The aim is
to reduce poverty and promote a sustainable environment.