How is biodiversity affected by active forest management?


Should protected forests be left completely untouched, or is some kind of active management required if their biodiversity is to be preserved? EviEM has produced a systematic map of the scientific evidence in this field. We have since conducted systematic reviews of the effects of three different forms of active management: manipulation of the grazing pressure, prescribed burning and creation of dead wood.

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SR8 Vegetated strips

Vegetated strips can reduce the impacts of intensive farming activities in a variety of ways. EviEM has produced a systematic map on the topic.

SR10 Tillage and soil carbon

Farming practices can change the amount of carbon stored in soil. EviEM has reviewed how reduced tillage intensity affects soil organic carbon.

SR14 Neonicotinoids

The increased use of neonicotinoid pesticides has caused concern regarding adverse affects on non-target species such as bees.

SR17 Roadside management

For traffic-safety reasons, vegetation is regularly managed along most roadsides. EviEM has investigated how such management could also benefit biodiversity.