Information for reviewers

Here are a number of documents for download on EviEM’s methods and on the conditions to be met by members of our review teams.

Guidelines for systematic reviews

For the systematic review methodology to be reliable and credible, standards need to be set and upheld. The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE) has therefore drawn up guidelines on how such reviews are to be conducted. They have been adapted from the methods developed and established over more than two decades in the health services sector. Mistra EviEM follows these guidelines in its reviews.

The review process

A document entitled The Mistra EviEM review process , adopted by EviEM’s Executive Committee, describes how an EviEM systematic review is undertaken. It sets out the various steps involved and makes clear who is responsible for what.

Conflicts of interest declaration

Both the chair of and the other scientific experts involved in a systematic review are required to sign a conflicts of interest declaration. In it, they state whether they have held employment with, or undertaken any assignment for, companies or organisations engaged in the question to be reviewed. The form used to declare any conflicts of interest can be downloaded from the menu to the right.