New review topics proposed

NEWS | 2012-10-04

On September 24, 2012, Mistra EviEM organised its second meeting with stakeholders in the environmental field to collect proposals for topics for future reviews. Some thirty different ideas were put forward and discussed at the meeting.

A dozen representatives from government agencies and other organisations helped with suggestions for subjects to be reviewed. Photo: Claes Bernes.

One of the issues raised was whether non-intervention or active management – such as conservation burning – is the best way of conserving biodiversity in forest reserves. Another proposal was that EviEM should review the effects ofrestoration efforts along exploited watercourses (e.g. demolition of oldhydroelectric dams).

It was also suggested that EviEM should evaluate how biodiversity in the agricultural landscape is affected by various kinds of management, such as organic farming or the use of chemical pesticides, and how different types of cultivation affect the carbon-storage capacity of arable soils.

The EviEM secretariat is now going through all the proposals to assess their potential as topics for systematic review. Small-scale ‘pilot reviews’ will be made of the more promising topics, and EviEM‘s Executive Committee will then decide which subjects to go further with for a full systematic review.The notes from the meeting (see link at right) include a comprehensive list ofproposed topics, and also a list of participants.

Martin Gustafsson (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) and Åke Hagström (Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment) discuss what EviEM should review in the near future. Photo: Claes Bernes.