EviEM attends wetlands anniversary

NEWS | 2013-05-29

On 22–23 May, a wetlands conference was held in Nynäshamn to celebrate Sweden’s first wetlands for the treatment of waste water. The Brännäs Wetland in Oxelösund was constructed 20 years ago, and the Alhagen Wetland in Nynäshamn 15 years ago. Since then, several more have been created. These wetland areas are used to treat waste water before it reaches the Baltic Sea, helping to reduce eutrophication.

The Alhagen Wetland in Nynäshamn. Photo: Sif Johansson.

Lessons learnt from two decades of developing and operating wastewater wetlands in Sweden were presented, and delegates also heard about wetland projects in Ireland and the Netherlands. There were discussions about the management and planning of new wetlands, and a collaboration was launched to generate new knowledge in this area. The meeting was arranged by the municipality of Nynäshamn, WRS Uppsala AB, Våtmark Alhagen and Oxelö Energi, in association with Halmstad and Linköping universities. The programme included guided tours of the wetlands at both Alhagen and Brännäs.EviEM sponsored the anniversary conference, and took the opportunity to inform delegates about its systematic review How effective are wetlands for nitrogen and phosphorus removal? The aim of this review is to establish what quantities of the two nutrients wetlands are able to absorb.