EviEM presents its work at Environmental Objectives Days

NEWS | 2013-05-29

On 15–16 May, representatives of municipal and county councils, government agencies, the business sector and environmental organisations met in Umeå for the annual Environmental Objectives Days, arranged by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and RUS (Regional Development and Cooperation within the Environmental Objectives System).

Environmental Objectives Days in Umeå. Photo: Sif Johansson.

This year’s conference had as its theme Stepping up environmental action in business, local government and government agencies. The discussions centred on the three ‘focus areas’ highlighted in the latest in-depth evaluation of Sweden’s environmental objectives: (1) Ensuring that decisions already taken are implemented, (2) Developing strategies for sustainable consumption, and (3) Communicating and informing more effectively about the opportunities which environmental efforts represent. The need to involve the whole of society in working towards the objectives was emphasised repeatedly, with particular prominence given to the role of the business sector and environmental NGOs.One focus of the deliberations was on how industry could become more involved in and committed to achieving the environmental objectives, and several business representatives shared their experience in this regard. The important role of the environmental movement as disseminators of information and opinion formers was also discussed. If more sustainable consumption is to be brought about, the public at large need to be better informed and attitudes need to change.

For EviEM, the conference provided an opportunity to explain what we do and how the knowledge we produce can help to meet Sweden’s environmental objectives. We were also able to learn from other organisations and hear about good practice examples of effective environmental action.