EviEM’s Annual Report for 2012 is now available

NEWS | 2013-03-01

In the annual report, you can read an interview with Andrew Pullin, professor in evidence-based conservation at Bangor University, Wales. He where he gives his views on the need for environmental management to be informed by systematic reviews. You can also read about our projects and the systematic review method that we use.

From EviEM’s Annual report

Wake-up calls and research

Fifty years ago, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published. It would prove a wake-up call on the negative environmental impact of human activities. Almost a hundred years earlier, in 1864, George Perkins Marsh, the first US ambassador to a united Italy, had described in his book Man and Nature how humankind had ravaged the environment, chiefly by cutting down forests. Both books were to influence public debate, and both were based on the scientific knowledge of their day.

Over the last half-century, awareness of the importance of research in support of decision-making has steadily grown. Mistra’s initiative to set up EviEM has created a review function that will make it easier to arrive at environmental management decisions based on the best available scientific evidence. EviEM is focusing on questions of particular relevance to Swedish decision-makers, but we hope of course that they will be of interest far beyond this country’s borders.

The challenge is not only to conduct high-quality reviews, but also to involve stakeholders, so that the results have the impact we wish to see. In 2012, the EviEM Secretariat has laid the foundations for the networks of end-users that will be the key to success. In one year, EviEM has learnt to crawl and walk. Next year, we’ll be running.

Thomas Rosswall
EviEM Executive Committee