Mistra EviEM – a new CEE Centre

NEWS | 2013-05-21

Since it was set up, Mistra EviEM has cooperated with the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE), and in April 2013 it became a CEE Centre.
‘We’re now looking forward to working with the other centres to create wider awareness of and interest in systematic reviews, and to continue to develop the network,’ says EviEM’s Director, Sif Johansson.

Photo: Claes Bernes

An international network

The CEE is an international network of scientists and environmental managers working towards the conservation of biodiversity and a sustainable environment by promoting systematic reviews of environmental issues.

Mistra EviEM is the fourth CEE Centre. The network was launched by the Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation (CEBC) at Bangor University in Wales, which also became its first centre. The CEBC is responsible for administration of the CEE, hosts its website and library, and provides the editorial office for its journal Environmental Evidence. In 2012 two other centres were established, in South Africa and Australia.

CEE Centres provide advice and mentoring

‘In autumn 2012, EviEM was involved in developing the CEE’s guidelines for systematic reviews,’ Sif Johansson goes on. ‘This is an important function of the network’s centres, and something we will continue to play a part in now that we’re a CEE Centre.’

Another key role for a CEE Centre is to promote appropriate implementation of systematic reviews by others, for example by running courses on the methodology involved or providing advice and mentoring for review teams.