EviEM’s annual report for 2013 published!

NEWS | 2014-04-04

Jerry Melillo, one of world’s leading climate experts and part of EviEM’s exectutive committée, was interviewed for this report. He tells about his work on climate change issues at the United States’ Third National Climate Assessment (NCA) and what this has in common with EviEM’s work.

EviEM Annual Report 2013

We also introduce the three new projects. The first project deals with soil organic carbon in agricultural land, the second one with the phase-out of PFAS, and the third one with the management of protected forests.Moreover, we present the international network Collaboration for Environmental Evidences (CEE) that is working towards the conservation of biodiversity and a sustainable environment by promoting systematic reviews of environmental issues. EviEM is a member of this network since April 2013 and thereby the fourth CEE center in the world and the first one in Sweden.