New Year- new communication activities

NEWS | 2014-02-18

EviEM has started 2014 by focusing on different communication activities. As usual, the secretariat has shared their knowledge of systematic reviews with everybody who can benefit from such a methodology. Among others, these are researchers and practitioners in the field of environmental management.

Nordic Oikos Meeting 2014. Photo: Sif Johansson

To reach that audience, EviEM run a practical session about evidence-based environmental management at the Swedish environmental protection agency’s conference “The Generational Goal” on 30 January 2014. Moreover, the current activities of EviEM were presented through a poster at Nordic Oikos Meeting 2014 that took place at the Swedish Museum of Natural History on 3-6 February. This was the first Nordic meeting and about 250 scientists from all Nordic countries participated.In February, EviEM hired a research communicator, Anna Katharina Metzger. Anna’s experience in science communication will make a great contribution to EviEMs vision on environmental management based on scientific evidence.