Systematic review in 8 minutes at the marine and water forum 2014

NEWS | 2014-05-21

At the marine and water forum in Gothenburg on 20 -21 May 2014, Mistra EviEM gave a presentation on how to compile a large amount of scientific data into one report. The systematic review method was presented in only eight minutes- from questions to answers. However, the review at the conference took 131 400 times faster than it usually takes because in reality, such a review is a two-year project.

“Knytkonferensen” at the marine and water forum 2014. Photo: Anna Metzger

At the forum in Gothenburg, the secretariat explained further the purpose of EviEM’s systematic reviews: these reviews can be a great contribution to environmental management, especially when researchers have different opinions about a particular environmental issue or when the effectiveness of an action is uncertain. The results can then be used as a scientific basis for decisions in Swedish environmental policy.

But a systematic review can only be done with the help from different stakeholders! EviEM takes only those questions into consideration that are proposed by people who specifically work within environmental management, such as the participants of the marine and water forum 2014. Therefore, EviEM has invited stakeholders already four times to get their input on the issues which should be addressed.

As a result, all the questions currently being reviewed by EviEM have been posed by stakeholders. In some cases, pilot studies show that systematic reviews are not possible on the suggested topic. The pilot studies contain, however, useful information and are therefore published on EviEM’s website. In other cases, the suggestions lead to a systematic review.

During one part of the forum (Knytkonferensen), EviEM had the opportunity to talk to people who are engaged in Sweden’s environmental management. The Secretariat is very thankful for all the interesting ideas and great feedback and hopes to have similar dialogue opportunities in the future.