Systematic review presented at the Sea and Water Forum in Gothenburg

NEWS | 2016-05-31

Magnus Land, project manager at EviEM, attended the Sea and Water Forum that took place in Gothenburg on May 24-25. He presented the EviEM systematic review on the effectiveness of created and restored freshwater wetlands for nitrogen and phosphorus removal.

The Sea and Water Forum, arranged by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, is one of the largest and most important conferences focusing on water environment in Sweden. This year’s forum gathered around 450 participants from the whole country. They included representatives of local, regional and national agencies, water councils, water management unions, consultants and advisors, researchers and policy makers.

Together with the Swedish Board of Agriculture, EviEM had a booth where we talked about how effective created and restored freshwater wetlands are as traps for nitrogen and phosphorus. This is important to know, since wetlands are seen as an important tool for reducing eutrophication. Every year, relatively large sums are invested in the creation of new wetlands and the restoration to a natural state of formerly drained ones.