EviEM summarizes 2016 – the annual report has been published

NEWS | 2017-05-30

Our 2016 Annual Report has now been published. In the report, we present some of our ongoing reviews, including reportages and interviews with researchers, and we look back on the successful first CEE conference in Stockholm.

In the 2016 Annual Report you can, among other things, read about the progress of some of our systematic reviews that are currently ongoing. For example, we present the results from the systematic review about the phase-out of PFASs and the effects on the environment. Cynthia de Wit, who has led the review, is interviewed about the use and benefit of the results. The review is in its final stage and will be published shortly.

We also report on the systematic reviews about the effects of agricultural methods on soil organic carbon. Katarina Hedlund, professor at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research at Lund University and Chair of the review, shares her thoughts about the significance of the results in Sweden as well as internationally.

In addition, you can read an exclusive interview with Henrik Smith, professor in zooecology at Lund University and a member of EviEM’s Executive Committee, about the importance of research and new strategies for future landscapes.

Last but not least, we look back on the first international conference on evidence-based environmental management held in Stockholm.

The 2016 Annual Report, which is beautifully illustrated by Gunilla Hagström, can be downloaded as pdf here. You can also contact us at info@eviem.se to get your paper copy.