Here you will find EviEM’s publications. Click on the links below or to the left to continue.

Project reports

When the project starts, the review team develops a review protocol, a detailed plan for how the review will be conducted. When a review is finished, a final report is published in the Journal of Environmental Evidence and on EviEM’s web page. To make the content of the report easily accessible a summary and a fact sheet is written where the most important results are presented.

Evidence Overviews

EviEM’s Evidence Overviews provides an overview of relevant environmental issues based on limited literatur searches and with no general conclusions made. An evidence overview indicates whether there is research pointing in the same direction or if there is knowledge missing.

EviEM Comments

The EviEM Comments summarises and comments on systematic reviews not conducted by EviEM that are considered to be relevant for Swedish environmental management.

Pilot Studies

The pilot studies contains a general introduction to a specific topic, then it investigates if there are resently conducted literature overviews of the question and if the scientific literature is enough to conduct a full systematic review.

The Knowledge Project

EviEM asked decision-makers and other stakehodlers through surveys and interviews and obtained a large number of areas where more knowledge is needed. These needs were prioritised at a workshop with participants consisting of the ones identifying the questions as well as social and natural scientific environmental researchers. This report (in Swedish) outlines both the process for the development of the knowledge gaps and the prioritised areas where knowledge is missing.

Information material about EviEM

Here you find folders, annual reports and other information material from EviEM.

Other scientific articles

In addition to the publications above, the researchers at EviEM are continuously publishing other scientific articles in various journals, for example on systematic review and systematic map methodology. Here, we have listed them.

Popular science articles

Here you find links to other popular science articles about EviEM and our work. We also publish a popularscientific news magasine, called Knowledge & Change.

Book on stakeholder engagement

EviEM has published a collection of methodology and commentary articles on the importance of stakeholder engagement for environmental evidence synthesis.