Systematic Map Evidence Submission Form

The map identified four broad categories of arable farmland practices, each having been investigated by between 238 and 307 studies: soil amendments (additions and modifications to the soil, for example through the addition of lime or crop residues), crop rotations (such as monocultures or complex rotations of different crops each year), fertiliser (inorganic and organic), and tillage (different depths of soil disturbance). Studies were found across the included climate zones, and are displayed visually in the map below. There was a notable lack of studies from Russia, a sign of a knowledge gap in the literature. Most studies sampled soil only once: these snapshots are not as reliable as long-term, continuous measurements, which were only found in a small number of studies.

The map report can be found here. This map and the accompanying database and geographical information system (GIS) provide users with interactive, detailed descriptions of studies investigating farming and SOC from across the temperate world1.

In order to keep this database comprehensive and up-to-date we encourage the public to submit research completed after August 2013 or research not currently catalogued in the map2  using the form below. This information will form a database of studies that will be used by reviewers to ensure future releases of the systematic map database include as many relevant studies as possible.


Please use the links below to submit research data. By filling out as much information as possible you will ensure that we are able to verify and locate the relevant studies. If you have any questions about the form or the submission process please feel free to contact us here.



[1]Including regions within the following Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification zones: warm temperate climate zone (fully humid and summer dry, i.e., Cfa, Cfb, Cfc, Csa, Csb, Csc), snow climate zone (fully humid, i.e.,Dfa, Dfb, Dfc).

[2] Click here to access the list of studies included in the systematic map.