Bilagor till slutrapport för SR15

Bilaga 1.  Literature searches

Bilaga 2.  Unobtainable articles following title and abstract screening

Bilaga 3.  Articles excluded from the review at full text

Bilaga 4.  Studies excluded from the review due to low validity

Bilaga 5.  Meta-data extraction and coding schema

Bilaga 6.  Preparation of data for quantitative synthesis

Bilaga 7.  R script for meta-analyses

Bilaga 8.  Data used in meta-analyses

Bilaga 9.  Systematic map database

Bilaga 10.  Data extraction and validity assessment of quantitative synthesis studies

Bilaga 11.  Narrative synthesis plots

Bilaga 12.  Quantitative synthesis outputs (including forest, funnel and Cook’s distance plots)

Bilaga 13.  ROSES form for the systematic review report