New issue of Knowledge & Change!

NEWS | 2016-10-19

The environmental history is full of interventions that were meant to benefit social welfare but instead have led to misery. But now there is a way to avoid bad decisions and develop an evidence-based environmental management; a management that is based on the best available evidence. This is what our new magazine Knowledge and Change is all about. For instance, you can read personal interviews, stories and facts about how knowledge about a better environmental management can lead to change for a better future.

During the first international conference for evidence-based environmental management, Gunhild Arby interviewed Andrew Pullin, the man behind the term evidence-based environmental evidence and also a member of the EviEM Board. In a personal interview we can read about the story behind the term and Pullin’s long-term work to establish an institution that contributes to an environmental management on a scientific basis.

We also get insights into the perspectives of decision makers. Anna Jöborn, who also attended the conference, shares her thoughts about how the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM), where she is the Director of the Scientific Affairs Department , works with evidence in decision making processes.

The magazine’s extended reportage is about EviEM’s systematic review on wetlands as nutrient traps for reduced eutrophication, where our project manager Magnus Land, with world leading wetland experts, is interviewed to discuss the results from the review report that was published in April 2016.

Moreover, you can read about how not to do if you want to reach EU-ministers, about opportunities and barriers with interdisciplinary research collaborations and about how to best communicate the importance of having an environmental management based on scientific grounds.

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