EviEM Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017

In EviEM’s 2017 Annual Report, we present our reviews about roadside management, how forest management affects species diversity and man-made threats to early life stages of fish in shallow bays. You can also read an interesting interview with Executive Committee member Katherine Richardson, Professor in Biological Oceanography and Leader of the Sustainability Science Centre, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. There is furthermore informantion about upcoming work on how vegetated strips affect species richness and pollution and about ‘smart rotations’ and their role for carbon in soils.


Annual Report 2016

In EviEM’s 2016 Annual Report, we present our reviews about phase-out of PFAS, forest fires for conservation, effects of tillage on soil organic carbon and about neonicotinoids. Henrik Smith from our Executive Committee is interviewed and we present “EviEM Comments” about peatlands and climate change. In addition, you can read a reportage from the first international conference on evidence-based environmental management that was held in Stockholm.


Annual Report 2015

In EviEM’s 2015 Annual Report, we present two of our reviews; about biomanipulation as a method to improve water quality in eutrophic lakes and about created or restored wetlands as a way of reducing eutrophication and capturing phosphorus and nitrogen. We also present two “EviEM commentaries” about urban green spaces for physical and mental health and about increased biodiversity from regulated fishing in marine areas.


Annual Report 2014

In EviEM’s 2014 Annual Report, we present our first systematic review, which deals with the impacts of reindeer on arctic and alpine vegetation. Jon Moen, chair of the review team, reflects on the process in an interview. We also present our new projects on the management of roadsides and on buffer strips around arable fields.



Annual Report 2013

Jerry Melillo, one of the world’s leading climate experts and member of EviEM’s executive committee, was interviewed for this report. He tells about his work on climate change issues at the United States’ Third National Climate Assessment (NCA) and what this has in common with EviEM’s work.



Annual Report 2012

In the annual report, you can read an interview with Andrew Pullin, professor in evidence-based conservation at Bangor University, Wales. He where he gives his views on the need for environmental management to be informed by systematic reviews. You can also read about our projects and the systematic review method that we use.