Bilagor till slutrapport för SR10

Bilaga 1: Bibliographic database search record

Bilaga 2: Unobtainable articles

Bilaga 3: Excluded and included articles at full text screening

Bilaga 4: Data extraction files (extracted study findings and effect size calculations from all included studies)

Bilaga 5: Effect size calculation plan

Bilaga 6: Tillage studies systematic map database

Bilaga 7: GIS help file

Bilaga 8: Input data for concentration SOC meta-analyses

Bilaga 9: Input data for stocks SOC meta-analyses

Bilaga 10: Concentration SOC meta-analysis report

Bilaga 11: Stocks SOC meta-analysis report

Bilaga 12: Concentration SOC meta-analysis R (text file).r

Bilaga 13: Stocks SOC meta-analysis R (text file).r

Bilaga 14: Bulk density and effect size calculation checking report